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Commercial Telecom Systems, Inc.

Today communications needs are becoming more relevant.  A successful business is one that can communicate with its customers as well as its internal workforce. Your company needs to have a communication system, as well as a communication vendor that you can rely on and trust.  You need to be assured that your needs will be met in an efficient manner each and every time.

Commercial Telecom, an Oklahoma company, is the solution.

We believe in building relationships – not just customers.   We believe in staying on the cutting edge of technology and making sure that our customers have state-of-the-art communication systems that work each and every time.

For over 25 Years Commercial Telecom has provided excellent sales and service to businesses such as yours.

Whatever needs you may have, Commercial Telecom has the answer:

  • Vertical Wave IP Business Communications Systems
  • ViewPoint Mobile 
  • Voice-Mail Systems
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Spread-spectrum Wireless Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Wide-Area Networking
  • Computer Telephony
  • Network & Voice Cabling


Call us today for a live demonstration of the Vertical Wave or for a free communications evaluation.


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